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A gentleman and a great leader

Posted November 10, 2013 @ 9:20AM by TWCarey
I was on the then-brand-new women's volleyball team during Joe's junior year. We used the weight room in the basement of Harmon, along with the men's basketball and football teams. There were quite a few guys who were really mad that there were "girls" using their equipment, and we were pretty roundly harassed for several weeks. One day, Joe was in the weight room too, and some of the guys started in on us as usual. He said, loudly enough for all to hear, "Hey, look at the uniform these athletes are wearing. They play for Cal. We play for Cal. Help them out but stop hassling them." And the hassling stopped, just like that. So when I call him a gentleman and a leader, I speak from personal experience. And I still weep over his loss.