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Joe Roth was an outstanding young man who inspired many people. Visitors to this message board are encouraged to share their own Joe Roth memories and stories so that the untold accounts of how he touched the lives of others may be captured. Visitors are also welcome to share their own pictures of Joe.

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Idol beyond the field

Posted September 29, 2020 @ 3:14PM by Pedro
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I didn't have the pleasure to meet Mr Roth in person But I know his history More than that, I know the kind of guy he was A leader who inspired others by his acts and never used his fame as a shield In the histories I know about Joe, he was always very humble and open to people Fierce competitor, but never used nothing outside the rules to win Win or losing, he was the same Never let fame change the person he was That's Joe My favorite player And more than that A real good man, an example

Reason why I'm a Cal fan

Posted September 29, 2020 @ 3:01PM by Pedro
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Hello, everyone First of all, I would love to say I'm verry happy to see a website like this I'm from Brazil and I became a CAL fan because of Joe Roth Joe was an incredible athlete and player but also he was an incredible guy Please, I wanna know more histories about him If anyone has a good storie, send an email ( Thanks a lot! Wish you all a great day!