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still inspired by Joe Roth's story

Posted October 24, 2011 @ 7:35PM by John Yost
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i am an east coast 47 year old lover of life and of football. I still remember learning about Joe Roth's incredible story and life one late evening watching a segment on college football which featured Joe Roth with 'Miracles' by Jefferson Starship playing and seeing the incredible courage displayed by Joe. It changed my outlook and perspective on life at such an early age. i became so grateful for all that i had and have never taken anything for granted and have embraced each day as a gift. I especially came to fall in love with the game of football. although i had played from age 9, i never realized what a gift it was to be a part of such a special game. i was fotunate to continue to play in high school and in college although i was not even close to the player that Joe was. Even though i was nothing more than a scout team player at Rutgers, my gratitude to have played the game was there. i would think of Joe Roth anytime the Jefferson Starship played on the radio and i always told the Joe Roth story. i was blessed to coach football and be involved with the great game for 3 decades and even today in my career as an athletic administrator at a New Jersey high school it continues to consume me. when my son was born i was sure that he would be a Rutgers fan and would someday play football. to my surprise he announced at age 5 he was a Cal fan and played soccer until the 8th grade. i am living a dream now watching him play good football as a high school freshman. we speak often of the life lessons taught by football and we have spoken of Joe Roth and how each day and each play-is something special. Thanks Joe for bestowing your wisdom on us