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Miss you Joe.....

Posted May 21, 2012 @ 2:26PM by Jerry
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From time to time I will search out Joe on the internet and read articles that fill my heart with joy and yes, sadness. I miss Joe very much.I knew Joe back to out elementary school days. I was fortunate to call him my friend. I played Little League with Joe, the most humble, All Star you would ever want to be around. Catching him when he was 12, throwing a no hitter, playing basball and football in high school with him. Then being on and playing with him in Junior College where we were State Champions in football. All that is nice, but I remember him for the person he was. The impact he had on all of us... I am 56 yrs old right now and would have loved to been sitting over at Joe's sipping some ice tea talking about the old times now. But that has to wait til we see each other again. God Bless you brother, keep tossing those touchdowns in heaven. Miss you Joe...